Dead Trigger 2

Visual spectacle
Madfinger Games has given his latest creations of a great technological power, taking advantage of the latest versions of hardware both iOS as Android devices; on this occasion, Dead Trigger 2 remains faithful to the concept of the Czech study, with a lavish visual presentation. Thus, we will find graphics spectacular, with modeled very well made, a surprising use of textures and lighting more than convincing, all powered devices Android Tegra. The result cannot be better, but yes there are some irregularities that leave it only something below the titles more pointers to visual level on those platforms; some animations are improved and the enemies are repeated too often. On the other hand, the gameplay suffers in smartphones due to the small size of the icons, something that gets worse in the different menus.

Noise level not noted especially, thanks in part to a rather limited number of melodies and effects that will be repeated again and again throughout the different levels. Few jokes that our protagonist release will be in perfect English, although Dead Trigger 2 arrives with the texts translated into Spanish; Although not very well translated, since we will witness numerous typos and even entire text boxes, without translating, giving a slight feeling of neglect in this respect. Another feature to consider is that the game requires internet connection to start the game, but not before registering online Madfinger Games, a requirement that is somewhat unfair if we take into account the portable nature of the title.


The stunning graphics is one of its major claims, especially in Android Tegra devices; the gameplay has been redesigned, adding a new more accessible mode.


Dead Trigger 2 is a worthy sequel to a first title which was surprising by its staging but that had numerous ups and downs at the level of playability, especially by an excessive repetition of situations and a slight tendency freemium in a title of payment, remember, happened to be free soon after its launch. On this occasion, Madfinger Games has tried to solve such errors, redesigning the development of ‒con levels much more variety of objetivos‒ and adding a somewhat more simplified but effective control at the end and at the end. Although it is not necessary to invest in micro-payment, can be somewhat repetitive having to repeat quests to earn more income and invest in new weapons and important objects. Its appearance is magnificent, especially in next-generation Android Tegra devices, although not without some minor, in addition to the required internet connection bug. All for free with In-App Options; direct action against countless hordes of zombies and other lethal creatures.

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