Ridge Racer Slipstream

Ridge Racer Slipstream, developed by Namco Bandai Games, comes to iOS devices and Android to celebrate the 20th anniversary of so popular series driving arcade game with 10 circuits and 12 fully modified cars with a groundbreaking graphics in high definition.

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Trials Frontier

As fallen from heaven, thus it was the announcement of the two new titles in the series ‘Trials’ that will, on the one hand to Xbox360, PS4, PC and Xbox One, and on the other to iOS and Android. The first of these is ‘Trials Fusion’ a twist to what we could see in the last title drawing the graph pull of the next generation. The other is ‘Trials Frontier’, the Edition for smartphones and tablets, which will finally have a title at the height of the created by RedLynx, hope that you knowing to keep control and the physical that we both enjoyed in consoles. It won’t be easy, especially because a ‘Trials’ with touch control seems quite complicated, but hopefully to check what is going before we go head with torches. Then I leave the trailer where you can briefly see both titles. Do not block me too the subject of acrobatics by how difficult that is to make the goat looking for great times, but I am fully confident that these guys have. Now it only remains to wait to know the exact release date of ‘Trials Fusion’ and ‘Trials Frontier’, for now the only thing we know is to arrive in 2014.

Remedy Presents Agents of Storm, Inverse Tower Defense for iOS

Games for mobile devices also had its place in the VGX. And it is that in addition to plants vs Zombies 2 the award, also presented Agents of Storm by Remedy, a corresponding to the tower game defense inverse, so that we will be he who is touching him attack. According to its own developers, this new title is a game in which we will have to attack different strengths. We have to create our own base, prepare our ships of war, and face against the AI to achieve the objective.
The game is graphically very good and almost looks like a title for Xbox 360 and PS3, while at Remedy have ensured that it will be a simple and very accessible game. It will be exclusive to iOS and arrive the month that comes at a price yet to be revealed.
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Broken Age

Adventure Double fine funded through Kickstarter. The title is a point and click traditional with modern elements that plunges us into the lives of two characters: Shay, a lonely boy who lives in a spaceship, and Vella, a girl who is about to be sacrificed for his people.

Platform: iPad
Also for: iPhone Android Mac Linux PC
Available in: App Store
Developer: Double Fine
Distributor: Double Fine
Genre: Adventure, Humor, fantasy
Launch: 2014 (TBD)

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances

The genre with more tradition in video games, the shooters – or shoot´em up – has housed, over the years, some of the titles and most legendary games in the history of electronic entertainment. It may take decades, even generations of console, will never forget the various works Taito or Namco Summit. What if it is true, however, is its gradual adaptation to the corresponding power of the machines and the demands of the market. Sagas as Wing Commander or Colony Wars – and even the wonderful EVE Online – knew how to adapt simulation, shooting, action and strategy equally, giving the player new playable for a concept as basic as the overthrowing our virtual space enemy. While iOS ecosystem takes relatively little time between us in the App Store, have been true heavyweights of the genre. One of them is the recent saga Galaxy On Fire. With a first delivery came to break the mold, and that got us started to take seriously the game for the iPhone, now, and taking advantage of the recent release of the new iPad analyze thoroughly your second installment which renews and refreshes the entire to accommodate screen retina.

In space no one can see you play

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a completely remodeled and adapted to the high definition of Galaxy on Fire 2. Retina application, compatible with the screens of the new iPad and iPhone 4/4S, it offers better graphics and an enviable technical aspect, but let us focus on the game itself and its interesting starting point. Galaxy On Fire 2 HD, he plays the young war hero Keith T. Maxwell, a renowned and adventurous pilot who fought for the liberation of several systems long ago. Surprised by a band of pirates special, almost without explanation, we will be transported down a wormhole to several decades later. Lost in time and space, and away for thousands of years in light of our home, will have to find the way back home and step, to face a dangerous breed of alien that slowly, but surely, threatens to destroy the Galaxy. The argument, narrated by small streams video in-game or endless – but – interesting conversations between characters – the popular StarFox of Nintendo – style, gradually revealing little by little, with one or another unexpected twist, something that is appreciated given the nature of the title in question.

The title of Fishlab proposes an interesting mix of space shooting game, with their corresponding simulation of the role gender ration. Mechanics will explain in the first bars of the application, and it’s not difficult to understand. Different missions that earn rewards in the form of credits, and, subsequently, invest in our ship to continue advancing may performed only basically is company us. We can always access recommendations and requests of a mercenary, a smuggler or a miner, or conversely, join us in some seedy group and attack any ship that gets us ahead. The wide variety of missions, each space station and planet have theirs, and we will never have the feeling to be repeating the same concept over and over again. In some ways, will seem that we are in a multiplayer RPG, EVE Online style, but in a reduced version. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, is a game that provides enough freedom of choice to the player, which you can explore and travel from planet in planet and station to station in search of better rewards and missions.


We can find missions of escort and protection – one of the most common – other search, others more focused on transport – passengers and citizens or valuable goods – and many others where the defense and attack will eventually become true ACEs in the space. In other words: there will be no time for rest. That Yes, if on the contrary we want to wander a bit cold and vast space, always we can extract some gold and minerals of different asteroids floating in the vicinity of many systems. The method, almost a small minigame itself, is a considerable source of income, since we can always sell gold and other goods at good price. Once we have gained an interesting amount of credits, are prepared to improve our ship.

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Dead Trigger 2

We are facing yet another zombie invasion in what’s new in Madfinger Games, Dead Trigger 2, sequel to direct one of the most colorful FPS of 2012 for iOS devices and Android. We see in our analysis how you been sitting the formula free-to-play to this new adventure of action and gore.

Czech study Madfinger Games is taking advantage of a good part of the potential graph of the platforms for which develops their titles, offering a so amazing as a spectacular audiovisual level; games like Shadowgun ‒un Gears of War‒, Dead Trigger-style third person shooter FPS ‒el mata-zombis which is the sequel to us ocupa‒ or Shadowgun: Dead Zone ‒un spinoff held TPS in the form of multiplayer online‒ are clear examples of this, marking new technological ceilings with each new release. Now comes to the AppStore and Google Play the long-awaited second part of your FPS of terror, Dead Trigger 2, now in free-to-play from day ‒recordemos the first installment moved to this business model soon of his lanzamiento‒ and with a somewhat more varied and not so monotonous development, one of the major stumbling blocks of the first game. Details of the umpteenth zombie invasion in our analysis.

Again, we find ourselves in the middle of a zombie infection worldwide where a few survivors try to survive threatened unmoved by the hungry undead. Thus, we are partakers of the umpteenth adventure set in much-touted theme, resulting in little original in this sense; as we move forward in its development along different North American cities, we will be getting to know a group of survivors that they will help us to resist in the streets and buildings that we will visit, trying to meet different objectives that will provide variety to the action. Thus, from our hiding place we interact with every one of our partners, which include a gunsmith, a smuggler, a doctor, an engineer and a scientist.



Each character will give us different advantages which have much to do with the free-to-play nature of the game; Thus, and as in many other similar titles, we can invest real money in accelerate different progress or buy weapons, artifacts and much more powerful and useful objects. We can always prevent the micro-payment, although if we don’t want to spend a penny, we have to repeat enough quests to knead a handful of money. Also can make us Golden coin premium for not having to play over and over again the same phases and repeat tasks already completed, that Yes, payment in the online store, which can range from a few accessible 2.69 euros to some crazy 44,99 EUR.

For those who doubt for FPS on iOS and Android touch control scheme, Madfinger Games has introduced a new interface in this sequel, simplifying the experience but achieving better results in terms of fun and comfort, voiding much of the frustration “commanders” of such games. Thus, we will go by moving your finger from the left side of the screen and will set at doing the same for the other half; the novelty resides in that once I fired automatically write down about a zombie, achieving a better aim and more satisfactory in this regard results, although to many it may seem a step back by its apparent simplification. Those who want to resort to manual shooting mode can enable it using the game options, introducing icons firing and reloading the touch interface.



Each phase offers different missions or tasks to complete; Thus, at the beginning of each level be given instructions by the survivors and we will have to act accurately and quickly if we do not want to be the appetizer of a zombie. In this way, we will have to pick up flares to attract the attention of an extraction helicopter, protect a refuge from intense waves of undead while we rebuild the barricades, to cover with a rifle sniper a partner or find a can of gasoline to fill the tank of a generator of electricity, among many others; in this sense, Dead Trigger 2 offers far more variety than the first installment, resulting something less monotonous in a whole.


To overcome missions in different cities we will gain experience points that will serve to increase our level and unlock new weapons and objects, much needed to deal with the following levels, full of creatures far more lethal and resistant than typical zombies. Huge mutants, creatures fast blood thirsty and other horrific abominations us wait along our apocalyptic journey. According to our aim and skills we can achieve a better score and acumularemos more money, something very necessary if we don’t want to pass us through the online shop; more zombies remove in the minimum possible time we will achieve best rewards, being a priority factor for our progress.


Colossatron: Massive World Threat for iPhone

The creators of Fruit Ninja or Jetpack: Joyride prepare their new mobile game. It will control a snake, giant robot, with which we will have to destroy humanity poor, paying homage to the series anime on ‘highlights’ of the 1980s. Mankind will fight to defend our disproportionate attack, complicating us progressing. It will also, with different modes, final battles, etc.


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