Galaxy on Fire: Alliances

The genre with more tradition in video games, the shooters – or shoot´em up – has housed, over the years, some of the titles and most legendary games in the history of electronic entertainment. It may take decades, even generations of console, will never forget the various works Taito or Namco Summit. What if it is true, however, is its gradual adaptation to the corresponding power of the machines and the demands of the market. Sagas as Wing Commander or Colony Wars – and even the wonderful EVE Online – knew how to adapt simulation, shooting, action and strategy equally, giving the player new playable for a concept as basic as the overthrowing our virtual space enemy. While iOS ecosystem takes relatively little time between us in the App Store, have been true heavyweights of the genre. One of them is the recent saga Galaxy On Fire. With a first delivery came to break the mold, and that got us started to take seriously the game for the iPhone, now, and taking advantage of the recent release of the new iPad analyze thoroughly your second installment which renews and refreshes the entire to accommodate screen retina.

In space no one can see you play

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a completely remodeled and adapted to the high definition of Galaxy on Fire 2. Retina application, compatible with the screens of the new iPad and iPhone 4/4S, it offers better graphics and an enviable technical aspect, but let us focus on the game itself and its interesting starting point. Galaxy On Fire 2 HD, he plays the young war hero Keith T. Maxwell, a renowned and adventurous pilot who fought for the liberation of several systems long ago. Surprised by a band of pirates special, almost without explanation, we will be transported down a wormhole to several decades later. Lost in time and space, and away for thousands of years in light of our home, will have to find the way back home and step, to face a dangerous breed of alien that slowly, but surely, threatens to destroy the Galaxy. The argument, narrated by small streams video in-game or endless – but – interesting conversations between characters – the popular StarFox of Nintendo – style, gradually revealing little by little, with one or another unexpected twist, something that is appreciated given the nature of the title in question.

The title of Fishlab proposes an interesting mix of space shooting game, with their corresponding simulation of the role gender ration. Mechanics will explain in the first bars of the application, and it’s not difficult to understand. Different missions that earn rewards in the form of credits, and, subsequently, invest in our ship to continue advancing may performed only basically is company us. We can always access recommendations and requests of a mercenary, a smuggler or a miner, or conversely, join us in some seedy group and attack any ship that gets us ahead. The wide variety of missions, each space station and planet have theirs, and we will never have the feeling to be repeating the same concept over and over again. In some ways, will seem that we are in a multiplayer RPG, EVE Online style, but in a reduced version. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, is a game that provides enough freedom of choice to the player, which you can explore and travel from planet in planet and station to station in search of better rewards and missions.


We can find missions of escort and protection – one of the most common – other search, others more focused on transport – passengers and citizens or valuable goods – and many others where the defense and attack will eventually become true ACEs in the space. In other words: there will be no time for rest. That Yes, if on the contrary we want to wander a bit cold and vast space, always we can extract some gold and minerals of different asteroids floating in the vicinity of many systems. The method, almost a small minigame itself, is a considerable source of income, since we can always sell gold and other goods at good price. Once we have gained an interesting amount of credits, are prepared to improve our ship.

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