Trials Frontier

As fallen from heaven, thus it was the announcement of the two new titles in the series ‘Trials’ that will, on the one hand to Xbox360, PS4, PC and Xbox One, and on the other to iOS and Android. The first of these is ‘Trials Fusion’ a twist to what we could see in the last title drawing the graph pull of the next generation. The other is ‘Trials Frontier’, the Edition for smartphones and tablets, which will finally have a title at the height of the created by RedLynx, hope that you knowing to keep control and the physical that we both enjoyed in consoles. It won’t be easy, especially because a ‘Trials’ with touch control seems quite complicated, but hopefully to check what is going before we go head with torches. Then I leave the trailer where you can briefly see both titles. Do not block me too the subject of acrobatics by how difficult that is to make the goat looking for great times, but I am fully confident that these guys have. Now it only remains to wait to know the exact release date of ‘Trials Fusion’ and ‘Trials Frontier’, for now the only thing we know is to arrive in 2014.


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