Cut The Rope – Fun iPhone Game

cut the rope for iphone

The title developed by Zeptolab has become in a short time at the new sensation of the App Store. It’s a game where we have to feed a strange green creature named Om Nom-based candies.

So for today’s Game Review, we give Cut the Rope is distributed in a manner similar to like Angry Birds, i.e., by “chapters” (Cut the Rope are cardboard boxes of different textures) and each one includes exactly 25 levels. The objective is simple. It’s cut the rope that holds candy by sliding finger across the touch screen (hence its title: “cut the cord” in Spanish) so drop into the mouth of Om Nom. Candy may appear hanging from a rope or several, which is more or less when the game begins to show its depth, complicated little by little. When cutting a rope candy wobble for a few seconds allowing the player to guess the trajectory that will follow when we cut the rope.

The curve of difficult to Cut the Rope is perfect; It introduced new elements, one to one, which added new ways to interact with strings and candy. Thus we find strings in tension that a cut will make effect of Slingshot, bubbles that rise candy by the airs and a kind of bags that give off air when touching them. There are also areas in which autorun is a new string that will hold the candy.

Only strings can be cut once so we have to think very well of what is going to happen when we do. It should take into account the trajectory that will follow the caramel when it is hanging. If it falls and does not reach the mouth of Om Nom then we will have lost the game. Also in each phase are 3-star that complicate the resolution of the levels. We have to try to catch them to get unlock new chapters but actually each phase can go without getting any stars. At the end of each level you will give us a score depending on the time you have taken to solve the level and the stars that we’ve caught.

The game becomes more difficult when new elements capable of destroying candy: rays of electricity and strips of metal spikes that make breaking into pieces to the touch, and spiders descending by rope to steal it, limiting the time that we can use that rope in particular.

It is graphically simple and defined, which greatly facilitates the understanding of the game. On the other hand it is fun and colorful, almost like a cartoon series, for which no matter the age at the time of play. The only technical problem we have found is the low range of the soundtrack since during levels always sounds the same melody in the background.

Cut the Rope includes 25 achievements and synchronization with Crystal and Game Center options. In the new update added the possibility to publish our results on Facebook and Twitter.

The greatest virtue of Cut the Rope is that it is a puzzle game that uses realistic physics concept based and is likewise easily accessible; It is easy to understand and play. Differs from other similar games like Angry Birds in the original proposal (we do not kill or shoot anything) and to play with the device vertically instead of horizontally. Its price is one of the keys to its success since it only costs 79 cents.


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